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It was my second time at Canada’s Wonderland, and as my cousins commented about this amusement park, “they’re getting wiser” because they now have stamps that people cannot use for another person’s entrance (lol), as well as barbed wires so people can’t easily enter. Personally, I think that a theme park is “wise” when it always makes it a point to introduce new experiences and rides to returning guests, to keep them coming back for more.

We excitedly went there on a Sunday and the first ride we went on was, true to form, the newest one: Yukon Striker, which opened only last April. As expected with novelties, boy, was the line long! We stood in line for 1.5 hours just to get into that ride, which only lasted a few minutes.

Exhilarating? Yes! Worth the long wait? Still yes! But more than the rush this new ride offered, this turned out to be an important moment for me. This is where it dawned on me that majority of life is really in the journey. A lot of what shapes the direction of life happens in the wait. We all have dreams – wanting to get married (ehem-ehem), wanting to finish a book, wanting to reach 100k followers – but majority of our time will really be spent in the waiting room. That’s why it is crucial to enjoy and thrive in the journey. How do we do more of that?

Here is an important principle to live by: recognize your time investors and
time wasters. Time investors are activities that you know will be good for you not just in the present, but in the long haul. Time wasters are things we engage in that don’t really add value to our lives and we eventually regret doing. Why is this important to recognize? Because sometimes, when our desires take too long to manifest, we resort to unproductive activities and end up wasting away our lives.

Here’s a table to help you “number your days” or be wise in your everyday use of time. Remember, we don’t get it back and it’s the devil’s pleasure to get us distracted all the time.

The Secret To Waiting Well

I think the best antidote to time wasters is knowing your purpose. Why the heck did God put you here and why at this time?

I want to coach and help guide you in this.

I’m conducting two public workshops this August under #MasterpieceMovement Series! “Marvel” (at who God made you to be!) is a half-day session happening on August 24, which aims to help you clarify what it is you’re really passionate about. It also includes the highly-acclaimed Strengths Finder assessment and customized results so you are aware of your Top 5 Talents!

The second workshop, titled #Momentum, will be held on September 21. If you want to turn your purpose into reality through specific actionable plans, then this workshop is for you. This is a whole–day event that also includes a healing process that will free you from beliefs that are holding you back.

If you’re interested in any of these, just shoot us an email at so we can send you more details. I also do one on one coaching, by the way!

When you know your purpose, you’ll never be bored a day in your life!