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Forever in a year

Marianne Mencias | February 28, 2020

I can’t believe it has been a year since I launched “Why is My Forever Taking Forever?”

Why Is My Forever Taking Forever

It is never easy to put a book out there, to put your heart on the line, to work with a lot of people to make it happen, and to finally open yourself to what the market has to say about your work.

But is it worth it? Hell, yes!

I don’t want to miss the lessons for the past year and so I thought of writing this blog, hoping it can bless you too!

When I started walking more closely with God, doing my best to live a life pleasing to Him, I’ve noticed there are holy burdens being born in my heart.

First is about purpose which I wrote about in my first book, What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece? and then a holy burden for women who don’t know their real worth and therefore would settle for relationships that are beneath them, taking away their dignity and joy, and removing all their sparkle and glow.


Here are my realizations the past year:

  1. When it is from God, it will work, because He will work. And when God works, you can only expect a universe of results.

God just placed in my heart so strongly to write about the lessons I have learned as a single woman. Heeding that call led me to a series of unbelievable adventures. Last year, I had the privilege of speaking before thousands of women in Jewels Conference and Kerygma Conference Manila and Cebu. Hundreds of them bought the book and lined up to have it signed. I received messages upon messages of gratitude, of women telling me they finally went to confession, they finally broke up with their jerk boyfriend, they finally walked away from a complicated relationship or they finally reconciled with their father. It always brings me to tears to receive these messages; it’s so humbling to know that God is using someone like me and I am so excited for other women to experience the joy of living their own unique call.

Unique Call

Unique Call2

I got the chance to speak to companies like Samsung and Hershey’s too for their International Women’s Day. Alex Gonzaga, one of the top vlogger celebrities in the country endorsed my book in her Instagram account, I was able to interview Doug and Chesca Kramer inside their home for my vlog. The Jason Magbanua, top videographer in the country, was so generous to not charge me for his services, created 3 trailers for my book. We had the most beautiful venue for our shoot that didn’t charge a single cent as well. Anthony Pangilinan also connected me to Ernie Lopez, head of ABS-CBN publishing and we are now working on publishing my book in Taglish version. I was interviewed by Kuya Kim Atienza and Amy Perez in their show #Sakto 4x. I was invited about 6x. These are God ordained appointments and connections. He really is in the business of bringing you out of this world surprises.

World Surprises

World Surprises2

World Surprises3

Vlog with Kramers link:

Vlog With Kramers

Vlog With Kramers2

  1. Distractions will come, the devil will try to derail you, be on your guard and keep on keeping on. It’s important to know your triggers, your emotional buttons that the devil will try to push to keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose. Mine are relationships. He sends the wrong person who appears to be right or he attacks my most important relationships. The moment I recognize he is trying to pull me away from what God wants me to do, causing distraction, I am able to choose the right response and then I proceed towards the finish line. I know God is with me to help me finish strong.


  1. God will always make His presence felt, to constantly give you courage and whisper in the ear of your heart “Hey, I’m your partner here, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” There were moments I felt extra scared and God will always meet me right where I was and reassure me. One such time was when I attended a kiddie party and some Disney princesses were invited to sing, I noticed their different colored microphones and I particularly liked the pink one. After their number, I approached the tech booth and asked about the mic. I took a pic of it because I liked it so much. After a few months, I’m about to give a talk and I started feeling insecure, I felt I wasn’t worthy to be there. Right before I was called, they handed me my microphone. It was the exact pink mic. I wanted to cry! God delights in the smallest things. Another time that stood out was when I was doing back to back launches of my book and I saw the plate number in front of us: it was OIL. I know the oil is a representation of God’s anointing, of His Holy Spirit upon us. That gave me strength to go on, knowing the oil will never run out.

Never Run Out

Never Run Out2

Me and the pink mic

  1. There is always preparation, and most often than not, it wouldn’t be easy. God prepared me for 6 years before launching me into doing this ministry. There were heartbreaking moments of obedience. Sometimes He will allow things to be shaken up so the only thing that remains is what is unshakeable: His love for you. This will purify your motives and give you holy confidence.


  1. What has worked me for and I know will forever work for me is when I remember that my purpose is love. It is to love the people I get to work with, it is to love through the product I am putting out there, it is to constantly learn self love through establishing the right boundaries while still giving off oneself generously. It is to abide in His love, because apart from Him, I am nothing. When I separate myself from these truths, I am left empty. But when I let His love win, I am always led to a full life and a filled heart.
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