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Dear Single Gal,

Are you afraid of being alone so you end up staying with the wrong person, putting up with all the unnecessary drama and mess?

Is your pillow at night filled with tears because nothing seems to be working and you feel so empty and frustrated as a single person?

Do you want to finally let go of unhealthy patterns, find true freedom and peace, and joyfully live out your purpose and dreams?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Marianne Mencias.

For a long time, my life revolved around romantic relationships.

It’s like my life had no meaning without them.

I could only be happy if I had someone giving me attention and making me feel beautiful.

I stayed far too long in wrong relationships, entertained jerks and wasted a lot of time. I didn’t value myself at all.

I lived in the dark, not knowing I belonged to the light.

I realized I was toxic too. I was overly jealous and deeply insecure. I was trying to love from an empty heart.

I could hardly recognize the girl I was before anymore.

Before, the driving force of my actions was because I had this nagging feeling that I wasn't good enough. I used to have a terrible stage fright. I would even hide in the clinic back then just to escape reporting in front of the class.

When I have no choice but to face an audience, I would stutter, mumble, or forget what I was about to say next. I felt I wasn’t worth listening to.

Today, the driving force of my actions is knowing I am so loved already. I now speak in front of hundreds and thousands of people, I get to laugh with them, cry with them, and at times even sing for them! Thank God nobody walks away! Haha!

I have been interviewed several times on TV, radio, and featured in podcasts and a book! I’ve also had the chance to sit down and learn from amazing couples

I work with the best of the best.

I have developed holy confidence in my calling. I would even volunteer to speak today. I wrote books that touched thousands of lives. I now believe and know that I am worthy to be heard.

Cited as one of the TOP 10 favorite books of people alongside all-time bestselling authors like Dale Carnegie, Jim Collins, Paulo Coelho , Nicholas Sparks, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.

Recognized as one of National Bookstore's Top 10 Bestsellers

I walked away from unhealthy relationships and said no to toxic men because I learned to value myself. Who cares if I’m 30+? I deserve the very best.

I enjoyed traveling solo to Bali, Japan, New Zealand, and Guam! Traveling alone is so thrilling and it introduces you to yourself in a million new ways!

Hang gliding adventure in New Zealand

Enjoying Onsen Spa in Queenstown, NZ

Yes, I enjoyed dating too but now with the necessary boundaries! It’s more fun and freeing! I now serve people and love people from a heart that overflows. Yehey!

I now know my worth and this has led me to make healthy and wise decisions for every aspect of my life. I am never going to be perfect, but dang, I love where I am today!

I have made it my mission to help more single women live fuller and happier lives.

I believe it is crucial to get healthy (inside and out!) before we enter into a romantic relationship because when we give our hearts prematurely, it can lead to a lifetime of regret.

I don’t want more children suffering because their own parents did not know their real worth and have buried all their dreams and silenced their purpose. I want to stop the plans of the devil in stealing God’s best plans for our lives through deceiving us with fake love.

I want God to win in the lives of single women, because when this happens, we all get a taste of heaven on earth.

Yes, yes, and yes! I want you to be able to maximize your single season, His way!

To look fear, insecurities, pressure, and loneliness straight in the eye and to own your power to overcome them all with your head held high

To let go of negative thought patterns and actions that is not worthy of a Daughter of a King.

To walk this earth confidently knowing you are God’s Masterpiece.

To learn to love yourself in practical ways.

To be healed and made whole.

To have loving, healthy, and peaceful relationships.

To learn discipline and have high self-respect.

To be brave in pursuing your passions and dreams.

To be fully alive and soar high while fulfilling your purpose for this generation.

To glow, radiate, and naturally inspire and empower other women

Are you ready, get set go?! (LOL)

I am so excited to journey with you, girl.

Feel free to choose the package that suits your crown best.



  • Discover your true worth in God’s eyes; value: PRICELESS
  • Meet and grow with like-hearted and like-minded single women; value: PRICELESS
  • Receive healing for your deepest wounds: value: PRICELESS
  • Learn from mentors who are living their purpose and dreams: value: PRICELESS
  • Discover your purpose and get re-connected to your soul passions and dreams; value: PRICELESS
  • Learn to enjoy and maximize your single season; value: PRICELESS
  • Learn to relax in this God ordained season and trust in God’s timing; value: PRICELESS
  • Lifetime access to 10 Gurl Talks, On Demand Videos, with Heart-sheets for each session (printable sheets for your discoveries and wonderings) valued at P10,000
  • 10 Self-study guides for self-discovery and self-mastery (including Wholeness Assessment) valued at P5,000
  • Access to Live Zoom FMP Springs monthly (Word study for single women every 1st Saturday of the month 1:30-2:30PM PH time) value: PRICELESS

Total Market Value: ₱15,000 + everything essential that’s priceless

Early Bird Price: P4,995

Monthly: ₱1,055 for 5 months

Original Price: ₱10,999

Rose Gold

Limited Slots only!


  • Have an accountability circle so you’ll stay on the right track and make sure you accomplish your goals; value: PRICELESS


  • Bi-weekly Live Zoom Group Mentoring Session (Every other Friday night at 6:30-8:30PM PH time; total of 10 sessions) valued at P15,000
  • Access to Monthly Book Club (every last Thursday of the month at 7:00-8:30PM PH time) valued at P2,500
  • Access to Quarterly FMP Virtual Bonding session with special guests (last Saturday night, 7:00-8:30PM PH time: March, May, July, Sept) valued at P2,000


  • Gallup Strengths Finder Top 5 Assessment [Discover and maximize your most powerful natural talents and unlock personalized results and resources]; valued at P1,000
  • 3 one on one sessions (30-45mins discussing about mindsets, purpose, relationships and what you exactly need at the moment) valued at P9,000 valid for 1 year
  • Special Discounts to FMP Club and other FMP Events

Total Market Value: ₱44,500 + everything essential that’s priceless

Early Bird Price: ₱14,599

Monthly: ₱2,999

Original Price: ₱23,999


Limited Slots only!


  • Learn from additional mentors and leaders through other gatherings Marianne leads


  • Bi-weekly Live Zoom Group Mentoring Session (Every other Friday night at 6:30-8:30PM PH time) valued at P15,000 + 5 bonus sessions valued at P7,500
  • Lifetime Access to Live Zoom FMP Springs monthly (Word study for single women every 1st Saturday of the month 1:30-2:30PM PH time) value: PRICELESS


  • Lifetime Access to past FMP Bonding Sessions with special guest speakers valued at P5,000


  • Gallup Strengths Finder Top 34 Assessment and Personalized Results [Embrace greater confidence, empowerment and success by learning your rank order of the 34 themes]; valued at P3,000++ 
  • Virtual LIVE Session on Strengths Finder Life and Purpose Application valued at P3,000
  • Virtual LIVE Session: Tips for Aspiring Speakers and Authors valued at P1,500
  • 5 one-on-ones session valued at P15,000 valid for 1 year
  • 10 Self-study Guides for Self-discovery and Mastery (including Wholeness Assessment) valued at P5,000)
  • Special Discounts to FMP Club and other FMP Events
  • Exclusively Weekly Love Letters valued at P5,000

Total Market Value: ₱84,500 + everything essential that’s priceles

Early Bird Price: ₱24,995

Monthly: ₱4,999

Original Price: ₱44,999

Full enrollment to 5 months program is required to avail all the benefits above.

10% of your investment goes to FMP ministries for the Youth + Jeremiah Foundation (abused women)

To scan the QR Codes, kindly use the designated application for each payment gateway (BPI and GCash QR Code Scanner)


Account Name: Marianne Madelaine V. Mencias

Account Number: 1953-1386-85

Bank: Banco De Oro Unibank

Account Name: Marianne Madelaine V. Mencias

Account Number: 002630045516


Account Name: Marianne Madelaine V. Mencias

You may deposit your payment directly to any of the bank accounts below and just email your deposit slip to

Here's what to expect from gurl talks:




No Confidence -----------> Secure in God's Love
Stuck in Unhealthy Relationship Patterns -----------> Freedom from Toxic Cycles
No Purpose -----------> Clearer Purpose
No Boundaries -----------> Healthy Boundaries
I hate being single -----------> OMG I love being single!
  • Before

  • No Confidence
  • Stuck in Unhealthy Relationship Patterns
  • No Purpose
  • No Boundaries
  • I hate being single
  • After

  • Secure in God's Love
  • Freedom from Toxic Cycles
  • Clearer Purpose
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • OMG I love being single!

Below are the Gurl Talks We'll Discuss:

Gurl Talks

Royalty Radiant

What you will receive here aren’t only the packages enumerated above but the accumulation of all my training and investment the past 9 fruitful years I was single-attending international courses in Bali Indonesia, Singapore, being an accredited Gallup Strengths Coach, Accredited Facilitator for Lego Serious Play, Purpose Driven Life and Dale Carnegie, writing bestsellers, giving hundreds of paid talks, doing book launches around the world, speaking at events with thousands of participants, hundreds of books I’ve read, being interviewed in a YT channel with 25M + subscribers - these and more will be organically downloaded to you.. Your investment is but a tiny fraction of what you will receive here. FMP will protect you from unnecessary pain and a lifetime of mess. Just divide your investment for the number of years this course will bless you, say the next 30-50 years of your life, that’s only less than P1000 investment a year. This doesn’t even count its generational impact- with thousands of lives being blessed after you.

Tap dances to your bright and beautiful future,


P.S. I am so excited for you! Ladies inside the program keep saying they've never been this happy before!

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