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My name is Marianne Mencias.

For a long time I felt I wasn’t good enough.

I had a terrible stage fright. I would even hide in the clinic back then just to escape reporting in front of the class.

When I have no choice but to face an audience, I would stutter, mumble, or forget what I was about to say next. I felt I wasn’t worth listening to.

I wasted my time in toxic relationships and entertained jerks. I didn’t value myself at all.

I was overly jealous and deeply insecure. I was trying to love from an empty heart.

I lived in the dark, not knowing I belonged to the light.

I could hardly recognize the girl I was before anymore.

Today, I speak in front of hundreds and thousands of people, I get to laugh with them, cry with them, and at times even sing for them! Thank God nobody walks away! Haha!

Unique Call
Unique Call2

I have been interviewed several times on TV, radio, and featured in podcasts and a book! I’ve also had the chance to sit down and learn from amazing couples.

Img 7548

I work with the best of the best.

Img 4461
Img 1328
Masterpiece Book Launch

I have developed holy confidence in my calling. I would even volunteer to speak today. I wrote books that touched thousands of lives. I now believe and know that I am worthy to be heard.

Cited as one of the Top 10 Favorite Books of People alongside all-time bestselling authors like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Paulo Coelho, etc.

Top 10 Books Cited By Individuals

I walked away from unhealthy relationships and said no to toxic men because I learned to value myself.  Who cares if I’m 30+? I deserve the very best.

I enjoyed traveling solo to Bali, Japan, New Zealand, and Guam! Traveling alone is so thrilling and it introduces you to yourself in a million new ways!


Hang gliding adventure in New Zealand

Img 0052

Enjoying Onsen Spa in Queenstown, NZ

Yes, I enjoyed dating too but now with the necessary boundaries! It’s more fun and freeing!

I now serve people and love people from a heart that overflows. Yehey!

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I now know my worth and this has led me to make healthy and wise decisions for every aspect of my life.  I am never going to be perfect, but dang, I love where I am today!

I have made it my mission to help more single women live fuller and happier lives.

I believe it is crucial to get healthy (inside and out!) before we enter into a romantic relationship because when we give our hearts prematurely, it can lead to a lifetime of regret.

I don’t want more children suffering because their own parents did not know their real worth and have buried all their dreams and silenced their purpose. I want to stop the plans of the devil in stealing God’s best plans for our lives through deceiving us with fake love.

I want God to win in the lives of single women, because when this happens, we all get a taste of heaven on earth.

Yes, yes, and yes! I want you to be able to maximize your single season, His way!

To look fear, insecurities, pressure, and loneliness straight in the eye and to own your power to overcome them all with your head held high

To let go of negative thought patterns and actions that is not worthy of a Daughter of a King.

To walk this earth confidently knowing you are God’s Masterpiece.

To learn to love yourself in practical ways.

To be healed and made whole.

To have loving, healthy, and peaceful relationships.

To learn discipline and have high self-respect.

To be brave in pursuing your passions and dreams.

To be fully alive and soar high while fulfilling your purpose for this generation.

To glow, radiate, and naturally inspire and empower other women

Are you ready, get set go?! (LOL)

I am so excited to journey with you, girl.

Feel free to choose the package that suits your crown best.

Tap dances to your bright and beautiful future,



10-month coaching program for Single Ladies

Ruby Package

Ruby Package: (Represents Zest for Life)

P1,000 per month

Early bird rate only until June 13, Saturday (Regular Price: 1500 monthly)


Live webinars

Self study resource guide

Unlimited access to webinars

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Pink Diamond Package

Pink Diamond Package: (Represents Happiness and Delight)

P3,000 per month

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Live webinars

Resources for self study

Strengths code

30 mins Coaching monthly

Unlimited access to webinars

Exclusive podcasts and write-ups

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Ruby: Zest for Life

Ruby Package

  • Live webinars

  • Self study resource guide

  • Unlimited access to webinars

Discount for 2 installments!

Simply pay Php 4500 by June 15 and the other Php 4500 on October 15, 2020.


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One Time Full Payment

Ruby: Php 8,500

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Pink Diamond: Happiness and Delight

Pink Diamond Package

  • Live webinars

  • Resources for self study

  • Strengths code

  • 30-minute monthly coaching sessions

  • Unlimited access to webinars

  • Exclusive podcasts & write-ups

Discount for 2 installments!

Simply pay Php 13500 by June 15 and the other Php 13500 on October 15, 2020.

Php 27,000

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One Time Full Payment

Pink Diamond: Php 25,500

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You may deposit your payment directly to any of the bank accounts below and just email your deposit slip to

Bank: BPI
Account Name: Travelin’ Light Training & Consultancy
Account Number: 1953-1207-51

Bank: BDO
Account Name: Marianne Madelaine Mencias
Account Number: 002630045516


Testimonials 1
Testimonials 2
Testimonials 3
Testimonials 4

Maan, I am truly grateful that God allowed us to be connected. I am grateful that through you I learned to pray for God’s will, to ask help from the Holy Spirit and to have a vision for myself. I think among all the skills that I need to have, what I learned from you is the foundation.

I like that our coaching is casual, accommodating and open. She is a good listener, sincere and full of wisdom. My coaching with her is exactly how I wanted it to be – Spirit led and I am getting straight answers.

I was taking down notes from your talk. It was full of spiritual and personal wisdom
– Donnie Tantoco, Owner and President, Rustan’s Commercial Corporation

Marianne was an expert on Strengths Finder.
– Jollibee Asst. Manager

I just want to thank you for giving the talk earlier. The talk really inspired me. It was honestly one of the best talks I’ve heard so far so thank you so much.
– Poveda Grade 12 Student

You inspired so many and I was, and still, am one of them. I can still remember the wisdom you’ve shared in one of your talks years back which helped me surpass challenges I encountered back then. So now I am blessed to be in a position to spread learning through my role in our organization, my goal is for our employees to gain the same inspiration from you. You are amazing
– Amelyn Alegre, Samsung HR

I admire you for who you are. For using your experiences before in your testimony on your journey towards becoming a woman after God’s own heart. I really do admire your personality! I think I adapted and brought your positive aura in the office today! You definitely inspire a lot of women!

Marianne is like a girl friend you’ve known for years. I wish her talk is 3 hours!

Never Run Out2

I don’t take generational curses lightly anymore. God revealed so much to me through your talk. Truly a bridge between God and me.

One of my favorite motivational speakers cause she talks from the heart- the ever radiant Marianne Mencias!

I could not thank you enough for that powerful talk. If I didn’t attend, I would have been so harmed and hurt. It protected me.

Hello Ms. Marianne! I followed your advice and it worked. God gave me someone that is more than what I deserved. Thank you for your advice, it changed me for the better and learned about my worth.

I remember this time last year, I was still “lost” on what I wanted to do in life. It was timely because I came upon this book “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece?” at a café and it inspired and guided me towards what I really wanted to do.
– Gretchen Ho, Celebrity Host


Here are some testimonials on my most recent book Why is My Forever Taking Forever? because our online program will just make this book come alive even more through talks, sharing plus so many other bonuses!

Img 9575

We are all given the capacity to fall in love. I heard before that once the faucet of love has been turned on, it’s meant to keep flowing. So be careful to whom you give your love. May this book inspire you to build your identity first in Christ and exchange your worldly standards to biblical convictions It’s the real thing you are looking for. I will read Marianne’s book to my daughters!
– Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Celebrity Mom

Img 9575
Img 9575
Img 9575

This book is gold. May Marianne guide your steps in this crucial time of your life.
– Bo Sanchez, Bestselling Author

I just finished reading Why is My Forever Taking Forever? After I read Chapter 5- Roots that Needed Repair, just when I thought I was okay, I realized I am still broken inside and needs to be healed. It took me a few days, I asked my friend to pray for me and my father so we could restore our relationship. Then on Father’s Day, the Holy Spirit disturbed me and I felt it was the perfect time. I talked to my father and took a bold step to say I’m sorry, it’s so hard because of the pride. I followed everything you said in your book in that specific chapter. I have never felt that kind of peace for such a long time.

I just finished reading your book Why is My Forever Taking Forever?I know you might be hearing this a lot but you are truly fulfilling God’s mission for you.

Finished reading your book an hour ago but I still cannot contain my emotions. I’m still crying. I was so blessed, felt your heart in every word especially in the prayers. Also felt God’s love for me through your book as if He’s speaking to me. So much realizations and reflections as a single woman and as a child of God. I fell asleep last night with a happy heart knowing God is with me and He’s protecting me.

Thank you so much for your book. I had so many changes after reading it. I stopped doing things I used to do with a guy. I can so relate with your book. It’s the first book I ever finished my whole life.

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