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“Throughout your life, there’s a voice that only you can hear. It’s a call to the true value of your life- a call to make a difference that only you can make.”


Strengths Coaching for Teams (max of 30 pax)

Gain awareness, appreciation and understanding of each others’ talents and leverage on them for a happier and a more productive workplace. (half-day / full day / overnight), can be further customized to a retreat experience.


Strengths Based Team-Building

Engage in interactive, exciting and meaningful activities with an insightful and memorable processing for purposes of application after.

coaching couples

Strengths Coaching for Couples

A lot of couples do not get along, only because they aren’t aware of each other’s natural inclination and individual gifting. If only they knew, they will be a happier and more powerful team! (3 hour session).


Strengths Coaching for Families

We don’t get choose our family meaning there is a divine reason why we are put together in this lifetime and even if so many things will try to pull us apart we should fight for our greatest gifts by engaging in meaningful and life conversations that will help in supporting one another’s dreams and cheering each other on, based on every family member’s unique purpose and mission (4 hour session).


Strengths Coaching for Individuals

A deep dive on your Ikigai (reason for being) where your passion, potential, pain, and purpose for the world all meet and really having the courage to execute which isn’t only for your benefit, but for so many others you are called to serve. (1/3/6 session options, all 1.5 hours).


Strengths for the Youth

There is so much potential waiting to be birthed amongst our young ones, support them in this growth, let them receive wisdom that will benefit them for a lifetime, and allow them to discover their greatest strengths and pursue success based on it, while remaining steadfast and strong on their most important values. (halfday session).


Special Offering: Motivational Speaker Coaching:

Get professional help in writing your talk and learn to deliver it with confidence, impact and style and have clients get you over and over again! (3 1 hour sessions)