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Marianne Mencias | February 15, 2020

Why Keep Something So Beautiful Hidden

My parents are RCI MEMBERS, which gives us perks to stay in beautiful places for free. Well, the membership was paid for. Just like how God wants us to freely enjoy life as His children because He has already paid the price for us to live life to the full.

All Girl Trip To Danang

Anyway, we went to an all-girl trip to Danang. There were six of us, but they call us “sic people” there (LOL) because of how they pronounce words in Vietnam. We stayed in Park Regis which has only been opened nine months ago. Oh, boy! It was so bright, beautiful, and spacious! They also have their own private beach! But what stood out is how the place hardly had guests.

Like We Own It

It’s like we own it. Of course, I am happy about it. But being the reflective person that I am *wink*, I gazed at the long stretch of the pool, colorful chairs and playgrounds, pleasant and cool pool bar and thought it was a shame to be all empty. It’s not being thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t help but connect it to people who have so much in them – so much talent, so much potential and yet choose to live small and keep it all to themselves.

I am sure that when they created Park Regis with about 200+ rooms, they didn’t think of just a group of 6 people staying there. Think about this. When God thought you up, He didn’t just create you for small things to bless only a few number of people, limited to your family and friends. He made you to bless the world. He had so many people in mind to be blessed by your gifts, by your spirit, by your heart, by all the creativity within you.

I Guess

I guess, all I’m saying is that I think we should ponder more on all that God entrusted us with and have an honest talk with ourselves: am I being a good steward of all that God placed within me? Or am I being selfish with them, prioritizing fear over loving people with what God gave me? What else do I feel in my heart God wants me to pursue to expand and grow the gifts He has so graciously endowed me with? What are my next 3 steps? Who do I need to talk to and partner with? What can I do this week? What can I do today? Who can be my accountability partner?

If I don’t know my gifts yet, what books can I read? What podcasts, youtube videos can I watch that can help me? Who among my closest friends/family can I ask about what they see in me?

God sees so much more in you than what you see in yourself.

I love this quote from one of Wayne Dyer’s books:

Trust yourself. Because trusting in yourself means trusting in the Wisdom that created you.

This 2020, soar high my friend, embrace the process of becoming, of blooming, even the pains that come with it and surrender to the extravagant love that will carry you through and mold you into everything He thought you up to be!

P.S In all fairness, guests started to trickle in as the weekend arrived, but the analogy still stands 😉


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