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Marianne Mencias | February 8, 2020

God is always depositing truths in our hearts, and the devil is also working double time to deposit lie after lie. What are the usual lies that we believe? You are not worth it. You’ve seen your best days. You’ve gone too far; there’s no turning back now. God doesn’t love you; He doesn’t care. Your future is bleak and dark. There are no more Godly men out there. But what is the TRUTH?

You are God’s Masterpiece. He has plans to prosper you, to fill your future with hope. If it is your vocation to marry, then He has the very best one prepared and reserved for you. You are so worth it. You are loved and cherished; He doesn’t look at your mistakes. He looks at you and knows you will overcome, as long as you open your heart to His love. He has written and customized a grand, beautiful story for your life.

As a single woman, there were many times I felt discouraged, and it came from different channels – whether it’s from my own mind, from people around me who didn’t mean any harm but still hurt me, or from past wounds. But God has always been faithful. He always shows up at the right, perfect time. One thing that He keeps telling me is “when you arrive, it’ll be ready.”

I was in Danang Vietnam more than a year ago to visit the Hand of God, only to find out this year when I went back, that during the time we went in 2018, it has only been around for four months. I’m so KILIG (giddy) over the fact that God sent me there during a time when there weren’t a lot of people yet. It’s like we enjoyed the place all to ourselves. When I went back this year, it was filled with tourists already!


Hand Of God 2018

Hand of God 2018


Hand Of God 2020

Hand of God 2020


Hand Of God 2018 2

Hand of God 2018


Hand Of God 2020 2

Hand of God 2020


It’s Like God Said

But God had a different gift for me this year. I love cafes even if I don’t drink coffee, simply because of the vibe and I love reading in them. And so, I was crushing over a café we passed by called “The Books Garden Café”. From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to visit! It felt like “customized for Maan.”

When we finally had some spare time, I asked the group if it’s okay that I don’t go shopping with them because I really wanted to go to the café, not knowing how I’d exactly find it. After walking for about 15 minutes, I found it! I enjoyed my time there, overlooking the bay, reading a book, planning my year, and you know what I found? They opened the café only a week ago!

It’s like God said, “My Daughter is arriving, and she will love this! Make sure it’s up and ready when she comes, I know it’ll make her so happy to see this!!!” And to think of all the million other things that had to happen to make it possible for me to see that café and to actually experience it.

God Is A Loving Father

God is a Loving Father who is the Creator of Time, and if He can delight me in the simplest of things, how much more in the things my heart desires most?

My prayer this year is to live in freedom and courage, knowing I have the most powerful God backing me up and loving me all the way!

Single girls, just let God keep working on you and know that in His best time when you arrive and finally see the dream, it’ll be ready for you as well.



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