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Marianne Mencias | January 15, 2020



Can you believe it? It has been a decade and we are experiencing the beginning of a new one!  And so, I got inspired (as always) by Emily Wilson (Youtuber) on jotting down our most significant experiences/lessons the past decade.

Here are mine! 🙂


  1. Obeying God is loving yourself best

I did have a relationship with God but it was only in 2011 when I started giving Him Lordship over my life, especially my love life. There were many times I was led to say no to a potential relationship, put God first before my feelings, and as hard as it was for my hopeless romantic heart, I realized in the end (after finding out eventually why God led me to say no), He was only after my protection and peace.


  1. Worrying is a complete waste of time.

One of my top 5 talents in Strengths Finder is Futuristic and as I’ve learned as a coach, our talents are not always helpful, they can even hinder us from accomplishing our goals if we are not mindful. Because of my futuristic talent, I can spend a lot of time worrying about what’s going to happen next and the problems that may come with it. I now learned (still a work in progress) that instead of worrying, I should always remind myself that God will always light my path and the grace I will need for the next moment will always be available at the exact right moment.


  1. Purity is the start of clarity

I made a lot of mistakes in my past that I am not proud of, but when I started confessing my sins and walking in the light, my purpose became so clear to me. When things are in the dark, it’s much, much harder to see what they are for. But when you bring them to the light, it’s much, much easier to see what they are for. 


  1. God delights in giving us the very best!

Just like everyone else, I have silly, small, superficial dreams and big ones. And I’ve seen God’s faithfulness in both. He truly grants the desires of our hearts. Mine is having my dream mentors as my actual mentors, or speaking in companies which I couldn’t believe I would speak at, or seeing my dream destinations. God owns it all so He is more than capable of exceeding your wildest imagination. (and may I add, as long as it is good for you)


  1. You will not regret putting people first.

There were many times I wasn’t fully present in my relationships because I was “busy” with my purpose. But God always made it clear to me that love should always come first. And that’s the best investment of time always!


  1. Boundaries are important!

To put a balance in my last point, I realized it’s so important to have a list of priorities and to put your well-being at the top because when you are running out and empty, you’d be left drained and that’s not a healthy place to love. I highly recommend the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend


  1. Master Mission Mate

God placed a deep mission in my heart for the youth and singles. Our world today is in much disorder because people prioritized the Mate, then it became Messy, then Miserable. God wants us to love Him first with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength and extend that to others. We have to experience His love first so we can be healed from childhood wounds, so that He can tell us our purpose and that’s the best time to choose our Mate. When two people come together knowing their value, knowing their passion and calling, have been trained by God in the department of selflessness then it works so much more! And what’s funny is my initials are also MMM and my birthday is Nov 11 which happens to be International Singles Day in China. Isn’t God the cutest?!


  1. It’s not about me!

In those moments I make it about me, how people will perceive me, I just get tired. But in those grace-filled moments when I ask the Lord to love through me, whether through giving a talk or just listening to another person, or asking the Holy Spirit to write through me, I am always left in awe with the results and my heart brims with joy.


  1. When God has already spoken clearly to you, stop consulting others for verification.

There was a time I asked God for His insight and He did answer in a matter of seconds. But instead of obeying instantly, I sought other advisers and was led to do the opposite of what God already placed in my heart. Things just got so messy. Obeying quickly is key.


  1. JOMO or Joy of Missing Out

There’s that feeling of significance (which can be rooted from Pride) when we want to be everywhere or be a part of everything and then we complain to God that He is overextending us. I wanna get into the habit of asking God this 2020 “Father is this important to Your heart? Is this something You want me to be involved in?” I realized His purposes will still happen with or without us and it’s a precious privilege I get to be a part of His grand plan. Knowing this, I have to constantly ask for His wisdom to know when to say yes and when to say no, so that I can invest myself fully in the things that He has really ordained for me to do.


Now it’s your turn! What are your significant learnings the past decade? 🙂

Happy Happy New Year!!! 

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