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Marianne Mencias | June 20, 2019

My sister recently gave birth to a baby girl!!! And this is quite a celebration for our family because this is the 5th child of my ate and all the ones before are BOYS!!! Trivia: all their names are Bible or Faith based and their second names are all cars. Because their dad’s name is Ford and they’re in buying and selling of cars and trucks. It’s funny because the resorts they go to really remember them, apart from the fact that they’re so adorbs and friendly too! So my nephews names are Audi, Ferrari, Bentley and Maserati. Now that they have a girl, guess what her name is? Porsche!!! <3

Anyhoo, this is the second time my sister gave birth and I was asked to look after the babiest of them all. Last time I looked after Bentley but now I am assigned Maserati or Mati. I was looking forward to it but also a bit dreading because it is the first time he is staying with me. The long night began.  

Mati had a hard time sleeping and kept crying out to Daddy and Mommy. He would fall asleep only to wake up and cry again. At one point, I almost gave up. As expected, I didn’t get any decent sleep because I’m paranoid he might not be able to breathe or his other kuya beside him might sleepkick him. So every time he’d wake up, I’ll rockabye him back to sleep and you know finally I found the secret to succeeding in this almost lost endeavor. I believe this actually relates to success in life too. I naturally think this way, pardon me.

So here goes my strategy:

  1. I sang him songs and declared what I wanted to happen: “Mati is having a great sleep. Mati will wake up smiling in the morning.” Wadoyouknow, he fell asleep to my song hallelujah and not only that, when he woke up, he was smiling and instantly playing with me!
  2. I kept praying “Lord, please give me unconditional love. Please give me unconditional love.” You see, sleep is life to me and I can get cranky if I don’t get to sleep well so I needed extra grace to be an extra loving tita during this time. I am amazed with the patience God injected in my heart, I didn’t complain or anything and God is so gracious because I was able to make up for lack of sleep the following morning. I still had a great energized day!
  3. I imagined him sound asleep. Our imagination goes a long long way guys, it is a superpower given to us by God.

So what am I trying to tell you? When you want to accomplish something, and you know you are there for the noblest of intentions, declare out loud with your words what you want to happen. God created the world by declaring “Let there be…” and He made you His child created in His image and likeness right? Therefore He gave you power to create your reality through your words. I encourage you to write your dreams in the PRESENT TENSE and read it with feelings every day! And don’t forget to add, Lord, this or better, because Your will is always THE BEST!

When you are running out of good feelings, most especially love, remember the Source of all love is right by your side so ask it from Him. Just make sure you are exercising love with wisdom.

Pareng Albert Einstein once said: Imagination is better than knowledge.” And I believe him! Our world moves forward with limitless imagination and courageous action. Imagine yourself having the best day, imagine yourself in your old age, say 96 years old, with a big fat smile on your face reminiscing a great life lived and lots and lots of people loved. Imagine meeting God and Him telling you, “I love you and I am so proud of you. Thank you for living up to the potential I placed within you. Thanks (nag thanks (shortcut) talaga si Lord?!) for bringing down heaven on earth.”

Hope this post blessed you and people you love! Keep believing and living the best that has been entrusted within you!

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