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2018 Lessons Part III

Marianne Mencias | January 30, 2019

We are ending the month! How was the first month of the year for you?
Hope you are treating yourself right, getting enough sleep and rest + working
on things that are really important and fulfilling to you! Here’s the last
installment of my 2018 lessons 

13. Be kind to yourself. This is of utmost importance. How do you see
yourself? What are the things you are saying to yourself? Do you always blame
yourself? Do you judge yourself? This 2019, please see all the things you
do right. Magnify them. Forgive yourself quickly when you know you’re
doing your very best because you will still make mistakes, being a limited
human being. Have daily verbal affirmations. Mine is “I am God’s
Masterpiece. God celebrates me. He is proud of me.”

14. Everything God is asking me to do, even when it’s inconvenient to
me, extending generosity in time, talent, and treasure (without
expecting anything in return) is actually a gift to myself.
But it takes
time to get to the gift so I grow in character first. It’s AMAZING!!! When I
wrote my first book, I thought I was doing it for God and others, that was
my intention, but then the book blessed my life in ways beyond I could
imagine. I met amazing people, brought me to places, led me to more
truths, blessed others in living their purpose. Again, never hold back in
being generous to God.

15. Treat your YES as very precious because you are very precious to God
He doesn’t want you throwing away your energy, your heart, your peace,
your time just like that.

16. Before I ask for more influence, question is, am I caring for the
influence God has given to me now?

17. Once it has been decided on, then don’t keep going back to it. Second
guessing yourself is a waste of time.

18. People aren’t your enemies, some people are just acting on behalf of the
enemy because they’re not deeply connected to God. Instead of thinking
of revenge and hating on them, pray to God to heal them, love them and
for you to extend His love to them, in ways He’ll reveal to you.

This 2019, I pray we will relax more, knowing we are on God’s palms, safe in His
care, with a future so blessed by His love. Be brave with your life, because God is
with you everywhere you go.

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