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Marianne Mencias | June 20, 2019

There were political candidates with the noblest intentions but did not win. There were those who only want to use people for more power and wealth but won. There is that tendency to cast a vote that is ultimately not good for us, long term wise. And it is very sad this doesn’t happen during elections, we cast a vote every single moment of our lives. And it’s an obvious choice to go for the good, but we sometimes choose what will eventually harm and hurt us in the end.

Every moment is a moment of choice. Every moment we are given the chance to vote, will it be short-term pleasure or long term happiness? Will it be the plans of the devil or God’s plans?

I can’t help but find an alignment, the politicians who just want to use people lure them with pleasure, isn’t the devil the same way? I am not saying these people are evil, but when people don’t allow themselves to be loved and transformed by God, they can very well be the puppets of the devil, being used by him to destroy lives of others. The devil says- engage in pre-marital sex, go the route of gambling, drink your problems away– short term, band-aid solutions to that aching emptiness in one’s soul. Dirty politicians give people instant money and tell them vote for me, see my way easy and instantly pleasurable!

Voting for God’s will isn’t always easy. It is going against the tide, against the popular vote. There is that threat of being looked down on, being judged as goody- goody or being bullied by society for being a Jesus freak. It’s choosing chastity because you truly want to love your future spouse and want his clarity of mind in choosing you, it is choosing excellence than mediocrity, it is choosing to act now rather than procrastinate. It is choosing to be kind rather than lash out on others. It is not easy, it requires more from you, it takes time and effort, but you are made for so much more so why settle where you are? Why keep making the same vote that’s getting you nowhere? You know, I couldn’t think of anything else that transformed me, my heart and my choices for my real good than following God’s Will, Word and Ways. I haven’t found this much joy than when I developed a relationship with God. It is true, we are made for Him- to be loved by Him and to love Him back.

I hope that this short blog will remind you to vote wisely for your life. Yes, we all want change in society and the government holds a very important role and responsibility in making that happen. But truth be told, you hold the greatest power in your life. And when you are making healthier choices, when you are casting that vote to obey God, it cannot help but ripple to people closest to you, and without you knowing it, it is changing all of us for the better.

So how do you choose and vote for God’s will everyday? First, receive His unconditional love for you. Do not doubt it, just receive His grace and forgiveness. Imagine Him looking at you with so much love and pride as a Father, knowing who you can become when you allow Him to mold you. Second, read His Word and obey what He tells you. Listen for His voice in your heart and ask for the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit follow His leading. Third, serve others by doing what you do best and what you enjoy the most. God is not KILL JOY. He wants your happiness more than you do. He knows you more than you know yourself. He knows what you exactly need, not just now, but what will be good for you forever.

Like a good politician, He has long term plans for your good, He has considered all the aspects of your life, He wants it all improved, He wants your progress, He has lined up the right connections to help you out. Fourth and last is always decide out of your truth, and what is that truth? You are God’s Beloved Child, created after His image and likeness. Therefore your truth is love, peace, joy, honesty, self-control, gentleness and all good things. Stop letting the devil deceive you. I pray you let God win in your life, because every time you do, it’s not just you who experiences victory, we all do.

Hey, I want you to start voting wisely for your life and I can’t even begin to tell you how important knowing your purpose is to direct your choices and be your compass. I want you to have that kind of energy that comes from living your passion and I want you to infect others with that energy. I am blessed to have found my purpose and because it is making me very happy, I can’t help but share the secrets I’ve unearthed because I truly want you to live yours too! On June 15, Sat, 2-6PM, I have revived my workshops on purpose and created MASTERPIECE MOVEMENT. It is to help you get in touch with your truths and discover your strengths. It comes with food (haha), strengths finder assessment, e-book, customized results, manual and coaching during the session. Essentially, it is all about knowing your calling and owning it. I really hope to see you there. Please click here to register.

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