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2018 Lessons Part II

Marianne Mencias | January 25, 2019

Hi! How has 2019 been treating you so far? Mine’s been okay, I have been happy except for being sick so I commit to caring for my body more this year. I tend to get so excited when I feel okay and then my body couldn’t catch up anymore. I declare this is the last time I am sick this 2019!

Before I share with you the next 6 lessons, allow me to share with you a fun resource I got from the last meet-up I had with Bro. Bo, He helped us plan for 2019! And the first activity was going to this website, praying for our word for the year, and then it generated the word for us! Woohoo! My Word is FLY. (That’s why I am including my picture at Movieworld where I felt like flying) May not be the most flattering picture, but who cares? I am here to FLY with God propelling me and fly I will. Who cares if I will look ridiculous, hahaha!

What’s your WORD?
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Okay, here are my next 6 lessons I learned from 2018.

1. Always connect to the Holy Spirit. I’ve a friend who once told me “I feel you are so One with God, you are so connected, how do you do it?” Of course, what a compliment that was! (knowing how imperfect I really am, but I know it’s the Holy Spirit working wonders in me) I told her “while I’m talking to you, I’m talking to God too, invoking His Holy Spirit to speak through me whatever He wants me to say to you.” I’ve a friend who asked me recently how I stay grounded, I guess this is precisely how. In all my speaking engagements, I never create a talk without asking for the Holy Spirit to help me, I never go on stage without asking Him to speak through me. I can’t help but imagine how beautiful our world will be if so many people activate the Holy Spirit living within them and act on what He tells them to do. Maybe we will all glow differently.

2. God is your defender. So so so many times last year, God spoke to me and told me “The battle is not yours, it is mine.” If you know your decisions are based on God’s truth, even if it’s so hard, even if people don’t understand, keep obeying, always choose Him and He will bring you to a place of immense peace and joy. Even people who are mean to you will suddenly be kind to you.

3. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. I had a challenging moment last year and though difficult I acted on what God is speaking to my heart. It always pays to obey. When I woke up the following morning, I felt immense peace surrounding me, enveloping me. It was an unbelievable feeling. It was like being transported to heaven. When I read the gospel app for that day, you know what was written? “Jesus is the Prince of Peace.” Hallelujah right?! That’s how I knew all the more He is after what’s best for me, all the time. I only have to obey and trust. Trust and Obey. Repeat.

4. Relationships first. I have been blessed to know my calling and purpose but sometimes it can still be a trap of the devil to pull me away from even greater things like love and relationships. Because I love what I do, sometimes I prioritize it more than spending time with people closest to me. One time, I was so excited to do something and right at the same time, my parents were about to eat dinner. I decided to put them first and you know, we had one of the most meaningful conversations we’ve ever had last year. We talked about what we learned in 2018, what were praying for in 2019. Yes our purpose, passions and career are important but in the heart of God, loving Him, ourselves and others matter most.

5. Just do it! Nike’s campaign is really brilliant. If you feel in your heart God is asking you to do it, then just go for it. Face the fear head on. I didn’t want to do vlogs or Instalive but I felt God’s leading so I did it and it made me so so so so happy! What brave thing is God asking you to do this 2019? Or what brave thing has He been asking you to do for years now but you still haven’t done? Maybe you heard right. Maybe you didn’t. But when you know your intentions are good and you’re not disobeying God in any way, then JUST DO IT, either way, you grow and learn.

6. How others perceive you is none of your business. So much stress will fly out the window when you know this truth. Sure, care for people, bless them. If they respond positively yahoo, if they don’t, still celebrate! You will never ever regret being kind. One thing that has helped me a lot is that when I’m facing a person, I pray to God “Help me show Your love to this person.” Freedom from self is the best feeling of all. Though, I am still a work in progress. But what God began in me, He will complete. And that is true for all of us.

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