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Marianne Mencias | August 11, 2019

So many people are bored today. If they’re not bored, they disdain their work. I don’t think we are created to hate life. I believe that “Jesus came so that we may have life, and have it to the full, until it overflows.” (John 10:10)

Let’s backtrack a bit. My first work was in a pharmaceutical company, organizing events for medical practitioners. I really love the traveling part, but the rest not so much because of all the nosebleeds I got from studying all the medical terms!

After 3 years of working there, my bosses noticed I was getting restless. And thus, I had the chance to be cross-posted, this time in Marketing!

Boy oh boy was it exciting! However, I found myself working long hours, and once even during a family vacation. And in my heart of hearts, I knew I was shaped for something else. Anyway, the full story of my journey is found in my book – “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece?” 

Eventually, it was confirmed that what I truly loved doing was teaching and talking about the deeper meaning of life. Hence, I resigned and did just that. Fast forward, I’ve written 2 books that sold by the thousands and I’ve spoken in front of thousands.

The path towards discovering and answering my calling was not an easy one. But there are clues that helped me while on the path to self-discovery. Let me share with you 2 clues that you are actually doing your calling:

  • You no longer ask.

I remember a time I opened my heart to my brother about my ex-boyfriend. I was asking him if he was “the one”. He answered “the mere fact that you are still asking…” I realized that it’s the same with our life’s calling – when you know, you know. No questions.

  • Passion and Excitement

Our Heavenly Father is one passionate Being. Just look at how many flowers are there! I know for a fact that He is all about filling our hearts with gladness! What more in what He has shaped us to do!

We will talk about this, and more, in my upcoming public workshops under the Masterpiece Series.

The first workshop, Marvel, is happening on Aug 24, 2-6PM, QC. This is for people who are still searching for their calling. This includes Strengths Finder Assessment. We offer lower fees for those who have already taken the test. This workshop is only Php 3,500 but we offer an early bird rate of Php 3,000 until August 15 (Thursday) only. We also offer group discounts!

The other workshop, Momentum will be on Sept 21 in Ortigas, 9-4PM. This is for people who already know their purpose but need help in organizing their action steps. This whole day event is only Php 3,000 with an early bird rate of Php 2,500 until August 31 (Saturday). The pre-requisite for this is Strengths Finder Top 5 Talents Result. You can purchase a code from us if you wish.

If you want to attend both workshops, you only need to pay Php 5,000 only until August 15 as well. Send us an email us if you have questions:

If you’re a go, just kindly send the deposit slip to

Account details:

BPI Congressional Branch
Travelin’ Light Training & Consultancy


Marianne Madelaine V. Mencias

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