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18 Lessons Learned in 2018

Marianne Mencias | January 7, 2019

1. “God is your light.” This was a simple message sent to me by my mentor
Bro. Bo Sanchez. And how true it is! I’ve noticed that every time I needed an
answer, it comes at the perfect moment. That’s why God hates it when we
worry because He is in our past, present and future and as long as we
surrender our lives to Him, obey and love Him, He will work ALL THINGS to
our good.

2. Never act out of your emotions. When you’re angry, choose to walk away
instead of reacting. I loved a moment I shared with my niece when we were
walking in the mall and we saw the store PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Sometimes,
because of our emotions, we forget our truth, we act like animals. This 2019,
make your emotions your friends, sure sit with them, bring them up to God
but never make them your boss. God should always be your boss.

3. Listen to what God is speaking in the silence of your heart. Respect the
healthy boundaries you’ve put in place or you’ll end up regretting. You know
when you are compromising. You know when you’re cheating yourself. Don’t
go to there because there’ll come a time it’ll be much harder to recognize if
you are truly loving yourself with your choices. Love yourself at the onset.

4. Allow margin in your life. There was a time I had 8 appointments in one
day. It was crazy. Sometimes I am guilty of basing my worth on how busy I
am. Wrong. So wrong. I was sick for two weeks after that. I have learned to
only have 3 appointments in a day, have at least 1 full rest day in a week, and
really assess my motives for the things I do and things I say. Having the right
balance contributes so much to my overall well-being. It’s not how fast I
lived, but how well.

5. Recognize if it’s the devil and his tactics. Some people, when not
connected to the Holy Spirit, can easily be used as the enemy’s puppets.
When people irritate you, sometimes it’s just the devil using them to distract
you or to ruin your day. Choose the higher road, pray for them to feel God’s
love through you, and go about your merry way!

6. Live for the moments. Really taste the ice cream. Feel the wind on your face.
Enjoy the presence of your loved ones. Laugh your heart out. Dance. Sway to
the music. Sing. Play with babies. Do not let social media steal you away from
the real gifts of life.

I’ll send the next 6 in my next post and the last 6 on the following week. Installment.
😉 Enjoy the ride, my friend! 2019 will exceed your expectations! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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